Porcelain Bowl Football Stadium

China's First FIFA A-Level Competition Stadium

This impressive sports venue closely resembles a traditional Chinese porcelain bowl, seats 37,000 spectators and will be the future home of Shanghai Port football team.

Project:Shanghai Pudong Football Stadium
Location:1288 Jinxiang road, Pudong, Shanghai, China
Architects:Rossetti, HPP
Landscape Architecture:Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects
Shanghai's New Football Stadium - SAIC Motor Pudong Arena, interior view
Interior view of Shanghai Pudong Football Stadium, image courtesy of sdl.dk


Located in central Pudong to the east of downtown Shanghai, the SAIC Motor Pudong Arena occupies a 10 hectare site and consists of the large 37,000 seater stadium and two full size training fields with accompanying stadium seating. The cantilevered upper tier ensures that even those sat high above the pitch can still enjoy the action. The stadium seamlessly combines the spectator terraces, podium and the stadium facade into one integral organism.

The SAIC Motor Pudong Arena (it's official name for sponsorship purposes) will be the home venue for Shanghai Port football club as well as hosting other sports events and supporting local communities and teams with fitness and leisure pursuits. The construction of more modern and high capacity stadiums is part of China's ambition to become a major football playing nation as well as encouraging more young people to engage in sports. One of the semi-finals and the final of the 2023 AFC Asian Cup will be held at the stadium.

Shanghai's New Football Stadium - located in Pudong around 13km from downtown Shanghai


The stadium can be described as being enveloped in a veil of folding louvers which enhance the external appeal of the stadium. The form is akin to traditional Chinese porcelain bowl and the layered appearance of the facade references Chinese Magnolia which is considered to be the official flower of Shanghai. Within the curves of the stadium's roof are grooves containing (and subtly hiding) the floodlights.

Space is everywhere in the design including on the outside where pedestrian streets encircle the whole stadium linking it to new developments nearby which include training grounds, recreation centres, a shopping mall, hotel and a brand new metro station. Steep seating offers unrestricted views from even the most distant seat with a minimum of seats between aisles to provide better convenience for fans and allow for quicker filling and emptying of the stadium.

Shanghai's New Football Stadium - the facade of the stadium resembles a traditional Chinese porcelain bowl