Highest Hotel in the World

J Hotel at the top of Shanghai Tower

J Hotel in Shanghai Tower is the inaugural property of the J Hotel brand which is owned by Jin Jiang International Hotels and is the world's second-largest hotel group. Sitting at the top of the 632-meter Shanghai Tower is something special indeed.

Image source: jhotel-shanghai.com

Highest Hotel in the World - J Hotel, Shanghai Tower, China - standard bedrooms


At 632 meters (2073 feet), Shanghai Tower is the second highest building in the world and J Hotel is the highest hotel in the world. The view from the hotel offers a perspective that few will see with the whole of the city visible including the elegant Bund, the other skyscrapers of Lujiazui (Shanghai's financial district) and the distant suburbs beyond.

The luxury hotel offers 165 rooms including 34 suites. The grand staterooms and suites are situated on floors 86 through 98 and the largest suites measure up to 380 square meters. An elevator can whizz guests to the lobby from the ground floor at the speed of 18 metres per second. Features of the hotel include a spa on the 85th floor, seven restaurants, several bars, a swimming pool on the 84th floor and 24 hour butler service.

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Highest Hotel in the World - J Hotel, Shanghai Tower, China - Living room in the Shanghai Suite
Living room in the Shanghai Suite with views over the city of Shanghai, J Hotel (image source: jhotel-shanghai.com)


The building and the views it offers are truly special but it is the interior of this hotel which presents something unique.

Even the corridors are spectacular with art pieces adorning the walls which are lit by carved crystal frames. The rooms themselves come in two different styles: contemporary to modern Chinese. Small details haven't been forgotten either with television cabinets covered in a leather trim and gold trimmed walls. White marble is used throughout the bathrooms and complemented by Italian crystal taps.

The staterooms offer something even more special with calfskin wall panels, a bedside canopy which is woven with gold wires and a two-meter wide television cabinet made from Italian crystal glass. Staterooms feature separate bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and a walk-in closet area. A smart system in every room allows for easy control of televisions, curtains, lighting and air conditioning systems and can also summon personal room service. A unique touch is the butler's closet which allows laundry to be collected contactless.

The ultimate suite is the Shanghai Suite which covers 380 square meters and includes a parlour, bedroom, dressing room, modern kitchen, study room and physiotherapy area. The parlour in the Shanghai Suite offers a panoramic view of Shanghai.

Food at the J Hotel is exquisite also with seven restaurants and bars within the hotel. Heavenly Jin is one of the highest restaurants in the world and famed for its fusion of cuisine with modern European, Chinese and Japanese dishes prepared by top chefs. Diners are seated under flowing crystal lights with a view over the clouds. Other restaurants include Centouno (Italian cuisine), the Lobby Lounge, Kinniyou Inaka (Japanese cuisine). Meanwhile, Jin Yan (pictured) on the 103rd floor offers Cantonese cuisine. Inside Jin Yan can be found a crystal art piece showing a dragon and a pearl while the walls feature jade, glaze and gold foil and a dragon pattern on the marble floor. There are also private rooms  with their own exceptional touches which use the five elements considered by the ancient Chinese to be the bedrocks of the world - gold, wood, fire, water and earth.

Highest Hotel in the World - J Hotel, Shanghai Tower, China - Jin Yan Restaurant private room