Sound-proof Booths

How best to use privacy booths in offices...

How installing sound-proof booths might help increase productivity

What and why?

Doubtless you will have seen or heard of these sound-proof phone booths in recent years. Shared office spaces in organizations like We Work are famous for their use of these small booths designed for taking phone calls or a bit of quiet working. They typically feature a comfy seat, small desk, glass doors and excellent sound-proofing.

These booths come in many different sizes and types. Some of simple phone hoods like you find in railway stations and include some acoustic filling providing some quiet for phone calls and preventing disruption to other workers. Their simple nature means that they are a cheap solution but they aren’t very effective when compared with more substantial booths.

Sound-proof work booths - better work environments
Sound-proof work booths - privacy booths

how to use them

Phone booths are enclosed spaces with seats, windows, greater levels of sound-proofing and often include network and electric connectivity. They are ideal for privacy although they may feel claustrophobic for some users.

The daddy of the sound-proof booths are known as phone boxes or privacy pods. These resemble a tiny office more than a phone booth and will more often than not have upholstered seating and flexible lighting. Many of these larger solutions have space for multiple users, ventilation and digital displays.

In the offices of fifty years ago these booths were not needed as most office workers would have their own office but today these offer workers some respite from the noise and stress of an open office environment. One further use of these booths is for holding brief, informal meetings without the fuss and formality of meeting in traditional meeting rooms.