Smart, secure and simple lighting

BLE smart lighting from SHUSHU

To many people, Smart Lighting just means having the ability to remotely turn your lights on or off. But, there is so much more to Smart Lighting than just this. App-based Smart Lighting today can allow for creating and managing sophisticated scenes and animations in addition to controlling power and light intensity.

Smart, Secure & Simple Lighting from SHUSHU - smart lighting for every kind of light

What is smart lighting?

Smart Lighting is just one aspect of Smart Living though it's also probably the most common element of a Smart Home (or Smart Office). As technology has developed, more businesses are turning to Smart Lighting to project a more professional and vibrant image and even to save money in the long term.

Smart Lighting can be controlled by a central hub or via an app. There are advantages to both solutions but, increasingly, app-based Smart Lighting is the method which is taking off.


Smart Lighting isn't just cool, it can save you money in the long term. Bulbs used with Smart Systems are energy saving and having full control over lighting means you can ensure lighting is only used when needed. LED lights have a lifespan of up to 50 times more than traditional incandescent light bulbs.

Additionally, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) systems use even less power than regular Bluetooth ones. Smart Lighting can also be beneficial for health by automatically dimming or increasing light intensity according to the surrounding conditions. The exciting possibilities with animations and scenes can also attract the attention of visitors.


Smart, Secure & Simple Lighting from SHUSHU - SHUSHU's system allows for scenes and animations like this star constellation
Smart Lighting has endless possibilities. Shown here is part of an animated scene showing constellations in the night sky.


SHUSHU is a company with a long history in the field of lighting and smart lighting. Its products have been widely used around the world. Today, SHUSHU products use BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology which integrate sensing, controlling and AI into one single solution and consume much less energy than 'Classic' Bluetooth. Smart Lighting from SHUSHU is easily scalable making it ideal for both residential and commercial users.

Examples of locations where SHUSHU solutions have been used include Form Motors offices, Versace retail stores, Nike retail stores and a number of restaurants.

SHUSHU's platform includes the app, smart drivers, smart controllers, wall switches and sensors. The SHUSHU app allows for easy control of lighting via Bluetooth providing users with full control of power, dimming, scenes, scheduling, animation and sensing settings.

Smart, Secure & Simple Lighting from SHUSHU - SHUSHU BLE Smart Lighting

a secure system

A potential flaw of centralized (hub-based) systems is the risk of breaking the control unit or being locked out. Decentralized systems, controlled by an app, avoid this disadvantage but, previously, have had concerns of their own. There was always a risk of third parties gaining access to your smart system and changing settings or locking you out. 

The APP controlling SHUSHU's Smart Lighting systems is designed to correct these flaws. The APP has a secure login system and allows for logins with different levels of privileges so that, for example, store managers have more access to the system than other workers. Full control over lighting from creating scenes, schedules and animations to automating or editing light intensity for particular moods is easily achieved using the app.

Smart, Secure & Simple Lighting from SHUSHU - SHUSHU's app lets you easily control scenes, animations, schedules and sensing for your smart lighting system

a flexible system

The possibilities with Smart Lighting are almost endless. It is easily possible to control light power, light intensity, warmth as well as light colors.

The ability to automate light intensity through the day or according to the surroundings allow for better moods and increased productivity. Scene control can let you create exciting lighting animations which can attract the attention of visitors and employees. Motion detection ensure savings by reducing energy consumption when spaces are unoccupied.

app control

SHUSHU's Smart Lighting is controlled through an app via Bluetooth with no need for a WiFi connection. This lack of WiFi adds to the security of the system. From the app you can easily turn your lighting on or off as well as control brightness levels, light colors and animations. This app control means that there is no need for a centralized hub. Secure login with varying access levels prevents access by third parties.

Smart, Secure & Simple Lighting from SHUSHU - Lighting animations are easy to create like this animated rocket launch countdown
Smart, Secure & Simple Lighting from SHUSHU - Lighting animations are easy to create like this a


SHUSHU can help you create a Smart Lighting system which meets your needs. Some of the products used as part of their system are shown below while further information about the company can be found on their Seller Page