Parquet Waterjet

A plethora of patterns to choose from

Parquet is a timeless choice for interior designs whether as flooring or walls. The opportunities to experiment with parquet are pretty much endless and the design you use can be as simple as a brick-like format or as complex as spirals and floral patterns. In this article we explore a few ideas from D&A Space which might just inspire you.

Parquet - Winter Sweet from D&A Space

Conventional Designs

These designs may look complicated at first sight but they are basically simple, repeating patterns which would be easy for many designers to install. Designs like this are as common today as they were three centuries ago and it doesn't take much practice to get used to following the design and ensuring perfection even on the first attempt. The more conventional designs often incorporate brick layouts, herringbone patterns or simple circle fashions.

Winter Sweet is the piece shown above. Designs like a simple star pattern or a chevron design have been popular for a long time and the ease of installation is a key reason behind the popularity. For those seeking something slightly more complex but still achievable you might consider diamond or chess-board patterns.

circles and spirals

Previously parquet floors or walls of anything more than simple blocks would be expensive and labor intensive as each piece would be hand cut, fitted and varnished. Nowadays this needn't be the case and designs are readily available to suit any environment

The piece shown here is called Snails. Look closely and you'll see why it’s named as such and this exquisite detail is what makes parquet so special. If you're going to spend time and money decorating a space then it's worth considering the impression that you want to make. Indeed, something which gives off a 3D appearance may be appropriate or a design which uses more daring color ranges maybe.

Parquet - Snails from D&A Space
Parquet - Bunch from D&A Space

something more complicated

Repetition is the key to ensuring a smooth design. Anything like this will definitely be an eye-opener and something which others will want to have. While parquet flooring stretches back to the seventeenth century in France, designs back then wouldn't have matched these kind of styles so incorporating designs like this will put you in a league above French nobility.

The piece above is called Bunch and offers up both color and style. Designs like this would have to be specially made in the past but are now easily obtained and affordable for most projects.

Examples of D&A Space's Parquet waterjet range