Introducing Kasor

A Chinese manufacturer of quality flooring and wall tiles

Introducing Kasor - KS168009, a mostly black tile from Kasor
KS168009, a ceramic tile from Kasor
Introducing Kasor - KS168009, a glossy tile from Kasor


A fine, glossy tile with more than a touch of elegance

Introducing Kasor - KS168016, a soft polished tile from Kasor


A classy, soft polished tile suitable for any space

Introducing Kasor - KS168062, a soft polished tile from Kasor


A soft polished tile measuring 80 x 160 cm

Introducing Kasor - ET105, a half grain tile from Kasor


This half grain tile is suitable for floors or walls and has a consistent pattern

Introducing Kasor - Tiles by Kasor, China


Kasor is a manufacturer of ceramic tiles for walls and floors based in Guangdong in the south of China. They specialise in producing large tile pieces which are ideally suited for environments from living rooms to kitchens and bathrooms and in private homes, hotel rooms or other commercial places.

Kasor are committed to using light and luxurious aesthetics throughout their range of tiles. The company continually strive to introduce new technologies and processes to their products.

We are delighted to welcome Kasor to ArchiXpress.

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ET101 and ET105 tiles, click links in the image to further information
Introducing Kasor - KS12105, a glossy tile from Kasor


A glossy tile with slivers of white throughout to add refinement

Introducing Kasor - KS12701, a glossy tile from Kasor


This glossy tile is a joy to look at with its multiple colors and textures

Introducing Kasor - K8901, a square tile from Kasor


This beautiful piece from Kasor is a square tile measuring 80 x 80 cm

Introducing Kasor - KS89521, a glossy tile from Kasor


A glossy tile full of tones of greys and whites.