Heriz Rugs

A Short History of a Fine Carpet

Persian rugs are admired around the world and for good reason. Heriz rugs are a special type of Persian rug from the north west of Iran. With a history of more than 1000 years and designs that easily catch the eye it's no wonder they remain incredibly popular today.

A History of Heriz Rugs

The slopes of Mount Sabalan are where genuine Heriz rugs can be traced to and to this day they are still produced there. Heris (previously known as 'Heriz') is the city which gives the rugs their name and is a major weaving area in Iran to this day. Heriz rugs, like Persian rugs in general, have a long and vivid history and can be found in the homes of the wealthy and state museums up to the present day.

The carpets are widely admired for their durability and hard-wearing with a lifespan that lasts longer than their owners'. It is often said that one reason for the toughness of the rug is Mount Sabalan which sits on a major copper deposit and traces of this copper end up in the drinking water of sheep which produce the high quality wool.

Heriz Rugs - Location of Heris, East Azerbaijan, Iran
Heriz Rugs - Heriz Rugs are one of the finest examples of Persian Rugs

Style of Heriz Rugs

Heriz carpets are routinely found with geometric styles and bold patterns with medallions dominating the centre of the rug. Many of these designs carry a history all of their own and have a beauty which easily brightens up any space. As with most Persian carpets, Heriz rugs feature repeating shapes and patterns with frequent interwoven ornaments, spirals and tendrils. Representations of people or animals are rare as Islamic tradition generally prohibits this so large medallions are the most commonly found centrepiece of many Heriz rugs.

Heriz rugs are respected for their coarse construction with a kpsi (knot density, the most commonly used method for measuring the quality of carpets) ranging from 30 kpsi up to 110 kpsi for higher end pieces. Colors are typically reds and greens with an abundance of tones and most carpets have multiple borders and distinct shapes or features near the corners.

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