Glass Partitions in the Office

Reasons to consider using glass partitions in the workplace

Modern offices are all about openness - whether it be open hiring policies, open channels of communication or open plan workplaces. Using glass partitions can contribute to this open feeling while also maintaining some privacy. Are glass walls right for your office interior?

Why Use Glass Partitions in Your Office? - Apple HQ

Apple's glimmering, new headquarters in Cupertino, California is famed for its glass walls and doors within the monolithic construction

Why Use Glass Partitions in Your Office? - Advantages of Glass Partitions

advantages of glass partitions

Glass partitions add extra light and can make spaces look bigger and more open than wooden or traditional walls and partitions. The mood of your team can be enhanced because of the added sunlight while energy bills can be cut dramatically if you are blessed with good natural light.

Glass partitions combine well with open office environments nowadays as their transparent nature implies a degree of openness. Rooms with glass partitions can both add privacy and quietness while also seeming part of the open office.

disadvantages of glass partitions

While the positives are quite obvious, it’s also necessary to consider possible drawbacks of glass walls. Glass partitions offer more sound insulation than a truly open office but glass is not a very sound absorbent material. Loud talkers will still need to pay attention to the volume of their voice. Additionally, glass needs frequent cleaning to maintain its smart appearance.

There is also a safety issue to consider as the risk of people walking into glass partitions is quite real. These disadvantages were popularized recently with Apple’s new headquarters in California* which was constructed from glass with a large quantity of glass partitions and glass doors throughout the building. Numerous injuries have been recorded.

Why Use Glass Partitions in Your Office? - Disadvantages of Glass Partitions
Why Use Glass Partitions in Your Office?

Glass is nice but make sure your team members don't injure themselves

points to consider

When choosing glass partitions it is important to opt for thicker glass to better absorb sound. Sound-masking technologies can also be used to prevent echos and reduce noise. Applying cloaking film to the glass partitions will add a layer of privacy and make employees feel more comfortable while using framed glass will prevent staff from walking into the glass. Also ensure that your office has an adequate cleaning policy to keep the glass shining all the time.