Floor Lamps Guide

Which style? What kind of light?

"What's special about floor lamps is how they can often be both the centerpiece of a room as well as being the tool which shines light on other important features"

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floor lamps which stand out

The right kind of floor lamp can scream out elegance and style to all who see it while other lamps can be subtle and easily become part of the room while still illuminating it. Both kinds are equally valid options depending on the effect that's desired. Larger rooms may well be perfect for a lamp that is designed to stand out. Meanwhile, outlandish shades combined with simple bases can ensure everyone will notice it.

The shade and the base may the the most important considerations when it comes to looking for lamps which make a statement. Chrome and bronze finishes make for stylish lamps while the shade might be the first thing which draws people's attention.

the right kind of light

Floor lamps can provide both task lighting and ambient lighting so it's important to think about what you need before you opt for a particular light. A light which may be intended for reading or writing should ideally be positioned around head height when sitting down. Opaque shades will highlight walls and ceilings and provide decorative accent lighting while more translucent shades will give off a softer, ambient light.

An ambient floor lamp will feature a more typical shade while those specifically intended for reading will include brighter lights and, usually, a more adjustable head. Meanwhile, arc floor lamps are rather versatile making them ideal for being moved around to where the light is needed most.


About Floor Lamps - Ensure you have the right kind of lamp
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thinking about sizes

Scale is everything. Low ceilings will necessitate shorter floor lamps while a short lamp in a high-ceilinged room will look oddly out of place and its bulbs may end up glaring into people's eyes rather than providing a soft ambient light. Measure your room before you begin looking into lamps to ensure you're finding the best lamp for your room.

Ensure that you allow enough space if you're using an arc floor lamp as it will likely be moving a fair bit. Similarly, it's critical that your lamp won't be located in a space where it's liable to be knocked over.

matching the decor

Empty spaces can be filled with a bright lamp filling in spaces between furniture in the room. More translucent shades can add a soft light in addition to a warming glow. Ensure any lamp you choose doesn't mess with the flow of the room or block lines of sight between chairs and tables. Consider the lamp base and determine if and how it should blend in with the colors and textures of other nearby furniture.


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fondi floor lamp

Black and simple but sleek at the same time

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foggy floor lamp

Two metres high with 5 different shades

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Supreme mix of sandy black and natural grey