Fabrics in Design

Never underestimate the importance of fabric in interior design

It’s easy to forget about fabrics when considering designs especially for larger projects. Many designers think of fabrics as some kind of finishing touch rather than an essential part of the design itself.

Don't Forget Fabrics in Interior Design - sofas and cushions

How Important Are Fabrics?

No room or space can exist without some addition of fabrics if it is to appeal to its human users whether they be employees, clients or visitors.


Such fabrics might include curtains, carpets, rugs, upholstery as well as window and wall art. The use of such textiles can make or break a project.

Reasons to Use Fabrics in Design

Any project should aim to be as humanistic as possible rather than just focusing on the functional qualities. Textiles help bring a space together and their use can enhance moods easily. Use of darker shades of fabrics in light rooms can help create a sophisticated and feminine atmosphere. Meanwhile, the addition of fabrics like curtains and rugs can ensure that boredom in design is avoided.

Don't Forget Fabrics in Interior Design - rugs and wall art

Possible Drawbacks of Fabrics

Some designers avoid fabrics because it can be easy to mess up and either overuse or improperly use them. One key point to remember is that patterns can be combined and used repeatedly but colors need more care. Patterns and solids can easily be used in various ways.

Fabrics are avoided by others because of their tendency to fall out of fashion more quickly than other design elements. However, this needn’t be the case – many fabric designs never fall out of fashion and if used with care they can remain trendy for as long as the whole design remains in place. One other disadvantage cited by some designers is the lack of durability by some fabrics but, again, this needn’t be so. Using wash-friendly fabrics and avoiding overly light colors in highly-trafficked areas will ensure fabrics stay pristine for longer. Fabrics chosen in interior design should be easily-washable, easily-replaceable, adaptable and look good in whatever environment they are used.

Don't Forget Fabrics in Interior Design - curtains, rugs, sofas, wall art
Rugs, curtains, upholstered chairs, sofas, wall art and cushions are just a few examples of fabrics essential to design
Don't Forget Fabrics in Interior Design - outdoor fabrics in sofas and curtains

So, next time it comes to redesigning a residential or commercial space put serious thought into the use of fabrics. Add a little rayon to your walls, feature curtains in some areas, place sofas and cushions throughout and don’t overlook the use of rugs and carpets to add that humanistic touch to the home or working environment.