Comfortable Chairs

What should you look for in a comfortable chair?

Sometimes we need to relax properly and that's when it's handy to have a super comfortable chair. A chair which we want to stay in for as long as possible is a chair which is worth having. Here we have a look at a few of the 'comfort factors' and showcase a few examples of such chairs.

chair materials and support

Chairs need to be comfortable especially when people aren't working or otherwise paying attention to something. There are a number of things to consider when determining how comfortable a chair is. Material, back and neck support, the angle at which you sit, arm rests and the leg positions are all valid factors to take into account.

Lumbar support is essential if a chair is going to be occupied for a while. Chairs which force the lower back into a sensible position are necessary. The lower five vertebrae need adequate support as most humans have a tendency to slouch given the opportunity. Good lumbar support helps to bridge that gap between the lower back and the backrest of the seat. Many chairs will come with fixed lumbar support which is certainly better than nothing but, ideally, you should look for adjustable lumbar support where height and depth of support can be readily altered.

As for materials, leather is the prime choice for many when it comes to comfortable materials. Leather looks luxurious, feels good and is super easy to care for compared with many other materials. That said, leather needs to be looked after to prevent it from becoming aged and it can be damaged (usually torn or ripped) fairly easily - it's also expensive too. Vinyl, polyester and nylon are all viable, cheaper options which can look good and feel comfortable to sit on.

Comfortable Chairs - Leather, vinyl and nylon are popular choices for chair materials
Comfortable Chairs - Functus Chair


Ideal for tight spaces such as conference rooms and meeting rooms.

Comfortable Chairs - Remmi Chair


Adjustable, comfy with a very curved back for extra relaxation.

Comfortable Chairs - Aura Chair


Ultra modern chair ideal for making an impact.

Comfortable Chairs - Bondo Sofa D3

bondo sofa d3

Attractive and quirky. Available in multiple colors.

Comfortable Chairs - Lab Mod Chair

lab mod

An intriguing chair which is both stackable and comfortable.

Comfortable Chairs - Moderno Chair


Stylish chair in a variety of funky colors.

Comfortable Chairs - Theatron Chair


Rainbow of colors ensures this chair looks and feels great.

Comfortable Chairs - Catherine Chair


Adjustable, multi-purpose and a choice of color combinations.

Comfortable Chairs - A reclining chairs with arm rests is considered to be a very comfortable chair

chair reclining and arm rests

The ability to recline a chair is a quality which is much sought after these days and can make the difference between feeling comfortable and feeling really comfortable. Of course, American-style 'recliners' are increasingly popular but most people are looking for more simple chairs which have reclining back supports. Advantages of a reclining chair are the ability to use one chair for multiple purposes. The addition of a footstool or ottoman can provide for even greater levels of relaxation.

Arm rests are optional depending on the type of chair and how it is used. Chairs with a curved back will often not need any arm rests and still achieve total comfort. Generally, however, arm rests will allow for greater relaxation and for office chairs they are a must to ensure better posture and ergonomics. Arm rests can be either hard (usually wood or metal) or upholstered. It is important to test the chair before use to make sure that your arms feel comfortable when on the arm rests.