Choosing Chairs

From Office Chairs to Waiting Room Chairs

A chair is more than just a piece of furniture with four legs. A chair is an object with a specific purpose, a unique style and one which says a lot about the surrounding space.

Choosing Chairs - Office chairs must be comfortable as well as looking good

Office Chairs

We have a whole article about how to find the best office chair for your needs but the basics are that you will need something which looks good, something which is comfortable enough for someone to sit on for up to eight or nine hours a day which means, ideally, you should consider a chair with adjustable height, adjustable arm rests, lumbar support and neck support. The chair wheels are also important as they need to be both strong and able to function easily on your office floor.

Lecture and Conference Chairs

Comfort and strength are probably the two properties most desired in chairs used in lecture theatres and conference halls. Tip-up seats are usually a must in order to reduce space and allow people to reach their seats easily without having to climb over other seats.

Comfort is important but such chairs are not designed for slouching and the aim is to ensure the user has the correct posture to better enjoy the lecture or conference. That said, students and guests may be sitting on these seats for several hours and fidgeting because of discomfort is not appreciated. 

Typically, unless made to order, these chairs come in groups of two to five fixed together and colors can vary depending on use. For business conferences many choose dark colors like brown and black. In educational environments, bright colors are often chosen because of their lively and energising properties. While the chairs need to be sturdy, it is also important that they can be adjusted where necessary to accommodate wheelchair users or special requirements.

Choosing Chairs - Conference and Lecture chairs should be light weight, foldable but also comfortable for guests and students
Choosing Chairs - Restaurant chairs need to be highly resistant as well as beautiful

Restaurant Chairs

Choosing the best restaurant chair is no easy task. Chairs for restaurants need to be rather versatile so they can be moved around at will for bigger parties or special events. Restaurant chairs must also go well with the tables and other furnishings. Additionally, they need to be sturdy and long-lasting.

Restaurant chairs get a lot of use so durability is key. Highly resistant and non-corrosive materials are a must and high grade materials which are UV resistant will also ensure your chairs survive as long as possible. Comfort is important because customers will be seating for an hour or more but super-comfy chairs are best avoided to discourage people from staying all day.

If space is tight (and in what restaurant is space not an issue?) then it's wise to consider space-saving chairs which can accommodate more people. Chairs for children can easily save a little space while having an efficient restaurant seating plan will ensure your space is used as efficiently as possible.

waiting area chairs

The waiting area of an organization can say a lot about the company. While visitors are waiting for an appointment it is important that they feel relaxed and comfortable. The visual appearance of the chairs or seats should project an image which will impress visitors. It is important to consider the colors of seating and the materials equally.

Waiting areas can have single chairs of the same or different designs. Also modular seating, whether single seats or clusters of multi-person seating, is also an option and may make better use of space. Some waiting rooms may need small tables for guests to work from or to hold brochures or magazines so think about how this can be achieved. Sofas can accommodate more people than single chairs but will your guests want to be sat so close to strangers? Seating with wooden frames may look more elegant while metal frames could make for more durability and ease of cleaning.

Material can be of greater importance in certain environments where anti-microbial materials may be a wise choice and stronger fabrics may reduce costs in the long run and reduce the likelihood of wear and tear.

Choosing Chairs - Waiting room chairs should present a good image and make guests feel comfortable while they wait