Ceiling Lights

When Size Is Everything

Ceiling lights are often the main source of illumination in most spaces and their design makes an immediate impact. Ceiling lights come in difference sizes for different uses while the dimensions, projection, brightness and quantity to use depend on the size of the space and the type of room they are being used in.

Ceiling Lights - a range of ceiling lights with various projections


For ceiling lights it's all about dimensions - whether considering the diameter, height or location of the light. When ceiling lights are used in spaces where people may be walking beneath the light it is important to ensure a clearance of at least 2.1 metres (7 feet) from the bottom of the light to the floor. In entrances and foyers it is advisable to have the bottom of the light at least 15 cm (6 inches) above the doorway.

In most rooms it is necessary to ensure the light doesn't look too big for the space. Measure the room dimensions in feet (1 foot = 30.38 cm). Add the two dimensions together. This value is the minimum diameter of the ceiling light in inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm). For example, if a room measures 12 foot (365 cm) by 15 foot (557 cm) then the minimum diameter of the ceiling light will be 27 inches (68 cm). Occasionally, a designer may opt for a smaller or significantly larger light than this but that would be best reserved for a room where it is vital to make a big impact.

Ceiling lights are frequently used in dining areas above a dining table. For these lights ensure that the light is at least 30 cm (1 foot) shorter than the width or length of the table. The bottom of the light should be at least 75 cm higher than the top of the table.

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brightness and types

It is almost certain that you will be using LED bulbs and, generally, at least 250 lumens per square metre is recommended - this is the total for all kinds of light in the space. Usually a room 3 metres by 3 metres will have 2500 lumens while a room measuring 6 metres by 6 metres will have 9000 lumens. Using a dimmer will allow for greater control over the levels of light.

Flush ceiling lights have no, almost no, projection from the ceiling which makes them ideal for spaces with low ceilings and more cluttered spaces. Their appearance is unobtrusive. Semi-flush ceiling lights will project downwards more and are commonly found in modern spaces with average ceiling heights. They are also often found in areas over tables in the spaces with low ceilings. Ceiling pendant lights have the biggest projection and the hanging height is often adjustable.

Ceiling pendant bars combine a row of ceiling pendant lights into one strip. They can be an excellent way to evenly spread light over dining tables and kitchen islands and the height is adjustable. Meanwhile, ceiling pendant clusters are another pendant light commonly found over stairwells and dining tables to provide multiple levels of light. Fully adjustable rise and fall pendants allow for the height to be easily adjusted to provide a wider spread of light for some activities (working, for example) and a more intimate lighting level for other occasions (mealtimes, for example). These lights can often be found over large tables.

A chandelier makes more of a statement than any other light. Chandeliers can indeed refer to the elaborate crystal pieces you may see in stately homes but also more conventional lights with multiple arms are classed as chandeliers. They can add a lot of illumination to large spaces.

Typically, flush or semi-flush lights work best in bathrooms. For bedrooms it is advised to use lights with diffusers or covered bottoms to reduce glare. Large entrances may need more than one ceiling light to ensure sufficient illumination. Whatever the room, it is usually wise to combine ceiling lights with other lighting types such as wall lights, recessed lighting, table lamps and floor lamps.

Ceiling Lights - these simple, but elegant, ceiling lamps provide substantial illumination

ceiling light examples from by rydens

Ceiling Lights - Gross Hanging Light from By Rydens

gross hanging lamp

Burgundy hanging lamp with large projection

Ceiling Lights - Gross Plafond from By Rydens

gross plafond

Chrome ceiling light with small projection

Ceiling Lights - Bellissimo Hanging Light from By Rydens

bellissimo hanging lamp

Amber and black hanging lamp

Ceiling Lights - Bazar Hanging Light, adjustable lamp from By Rydens

bazar hanging lamp

Adjustable, black hanging lamp

Ceiling Lights - 3Some Antique Light, from By Rydens Sweden

3some antique lamp

Elegant light designed by Anders Eriksson

Ceiling Lights - Gloria Giant Lamp, with 36 glass beads from By Rydens Sweden

gloria giant lamp

36 glass beads constitute this hanging light