Brighten Up Dim Offices

Ways to increasing light in office spaces

Some rooms are darker than others but a dark office can lead to lower productivity and a decrease in staff morale. Adding more windows can cost heaps of money but there are easier and cheaper solutions which can add a bit of light to the work environment.

Wall and Ceiling Colors

Dark ceiling colors can cast a pall over an office while a fresh coat of white paint will help to reflect light rather than absorb it thus brightening up the office and possibly improving the mood of employees and reducing lighting costs. Creams and beiges can be used as an alternative to pure white.

Ways to Brighten Up a Dim Office - white walls
Ways to Brighten Up a Dim Office - fewer rich colors

Limit Use of Rich Colors

Such bold colors are best saved for trim and accent walls rather than being plastered over every part of the wall. If you’re certain you want such strong colors then be sure to limit it to one small wall area. Rich colors can have the effect of making some spaces seem darker than they really are. Touches of color can be added to door and window trims and skirting boards to maintain a mix of light and color.

Maximize Light

Maximize the light that your windows bring into the room. Dark rooms clearly don’t deserve dark shades and blinds - save this for the bedroom where complete darkness is needed most. Light-colored window coverings will avoid blocking daylight while maintaining privacy. There is little point in having large, modern windows if they're going to spend most of the day covered up.  

Ways to Brighten Up a Dim Office - maximize use of windows

Choose Lighting Wisely

It may seem obvious that large strip lighting will brighten up your room but this may not be the case. Overhead lighting can sometimes emphasise that the room is actually dark and will feel unnatural as well as being overwhelming to many people who have to work underneath it all day. Track lighting can brighten up your room without ruining the atmosphere. The more types of lighting, the better. Allow your employees as many options as possible when it comes to adding more light.

Lighting Types

Ways to Brighten Up a Dim Office - use different lighting
Ways to Brighten Up a Dim Office - diffused lighting

Use Diffused Lighting

Diffused lighting may be inappropriate and expensive for most offices but for smaller ones it can feel soft and will help minimize shadows. Spot lights in certain parts of the room may help brighten up areas which are used for certain activities like around the coffee machine or photocopier.


Ways to Brighten Up a Dim Office - clean your windows

Think Simple

Some simple changes which can also help include regularly washing your windows, using brighter light bulbs and adding brightly colored paintings to the walls. Keeping windows unobstructed by plants and other objects will maximize their potential to draw in as much light as possible.