Why would you want large tiles? A large tile size makes it easier to order and install while ensuring that more of your walls and floors are free from seams and require less sealing. Large tiles should last longer as they'll have fewer gaps which expose the edges to the elements.

Kasor is a Chinese company offering large tile sizes. In recent years they have been expanding internationally and specialise in the residential, commercial and high-end sectors. Their tiles have been used in environments from private houses to retail stores and from hotel lobbies to public buildings. They offer tile sizes in large slabs of 600 x 600 mm, 800 x 800 mm and 600 x 1200 mm. Surfaces are available in 'polished marble' and 'soft polished marble' finishes.

Within the home and commercial spaces their products are designed for use on walls and floors. The styles and types offered ensure that designers can make good use of any space with these tiles. High mechanical resistance, high durability with regards to chemical resistance is guaranteed with Kasor tiles.

Commercial usage

Kasor Tiles - Commercial use for walls and floors

Kasor Tiles

A large tile size means that Kasor tiles can be used for spaces large and small

Kasor Tiles - Commercial use for walls and floors

Kasor Tiles

Subtle colors help provide contrast in rooms with large amounts of light

Residential usage

As these images demonstrate, Kasor's tiles can be used in a very wide variety of environments from living room to bedroom and from offices to retail establishments. The large tile size can help designers make full use of the space. Combining a mix of tiles can help provide a modern and stylish appearance to any new project and high quality construction methods ensure these tiles will last for years to come.

Why use tiles for floors?

Kasor Tiles - Why Use Tiles for Flooring?

Should you use ceramic tiles for flooring instead of hardwood and carpets?

Kasor offer a wide choice of flooring: various carpeting types, wooden panels and ceramic tiles. But what are the benefits of ceramic tiles for flooring? There's a reason we frequently find tiles in bathrooms and kitchens - they're highly water-resistant. They're also very durable and cracks are relatively rare. A well-looked after tile could easily last decades. Maintenance consists of keeping grout clean and resealing from time to time but that's about it. If cracks do occur then replacing single tiles is all that's needed.

Daily dirt and grime can be swept or washed away with ease while designs are endless owing to a multitude of colors and flooring patterns you can choose from. Cost isn't usually an issue although high-end tiles can be as expensive as hardwood and high-grade carpets although tiles should easily last longer.

In this day and age another consideration is allergens. Dust and pollen are attracted to carpets and some carpet materials are less people-friendly than we'd hope. The ability to mop and wipe clean ceramic floors makes it easy to prevent harm to allergy sufferers.