2021 Trends in Interior Design

Green and natural fibers are back

What better way to celebrate the end of one of the worst years on record than to design something new in a style that befits 2021?

2021 Trends in Interior Design - Granny Chic AKA Floral Wallpapering

The Return of Floral Wallpapers

This returning trend is part of what's termed 'Granny Chic' and one that not everybody will be happy to see the return of. These floral wallpapers are likely to be bright and elegant with a strong emphasis on the floral part of its design.

Many attribute this return to people spending more time at home and pursuing old fashioned pursuits like cooking and needlework again. What sets today's floral designs apart from those of your grandmother's is the size. Some of these floral elements can be huge. But 2021 will welcome both small and large patterns and the more whimsical designs are likely to be successful.

Go Green

Green is back and pink is out - especially in the kitchen. Both light and dark shades of the color are likely to dominate throughout 2021. The nature of green - being a mix of blue and yellow - means that it can be used with other colors easily.

Another advantage of green is that it is easily combined with warm and cool colors and it can instantly create a relaxing atmosphere. Green will likely be used more on walls, furniture and curtains as the year progresses and because of the hues available we may not tire of it till next year. The obvious combination of green walls with green plants is also an exciting possibility.

2021 Trends in Interior Design - Green walls and green everything
2021 Trends in Interior Design - Industrial Style / Cyber Punk

Industrial styles

Think of cyber punk and you'll get what this is all about. Exposed piping and stonework, high ceilings, neutral colors and designs which require little work. Uniquely, it will be at home in both commercial and residential environments and its appearance can be considered as both modern and classic.

Another advantage of industrial style is its minimal maintenance when compared with some other styles. It doesn't take much to care for bare piping and shiny ceilings.

2021 Trends in Interior Design - Natural fibers like cotton and wool

natural fabrics

Say goodbye to polyester, rayon and nylon and let's welcome back wool, cotton and linen. Natural materials and those from recycled sources will be making a come back in a big way.

One of the principal benefits of natural fabrics is their environmental qualities and their durability which is nigh on impossible to match with man-made alternatives. Natural fabrics is an easy choice.

2021 Trends in Interior Design - More plaster and less dry wall

plaster is back

Plastering is certainly more tiresome than dry wall but it has a fairly unique effect. It is also far more an interesting option for designers and the texture is just one of the things which makes it unique.

Using plaster allows for more textural and color possibilities and its high durability means that it's a no-brainer for many designers.

Plaster doesn't emit dangerous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which makes it a safe environmental choice also.

2021 Trends in Interior Design - More light to escape 2020's lockdowns

maximum light

2020 may have been the year for staying at home but 2021 is the year where we seek to head outdoors and if that's not feasible then designers will try to provide as much light as possible in their spaces. This means professional blinds or bare windows and as much natural light as you can get. The benefits of natural light are well researched and essential for every environment.

It has never been more important to introduce outside light into the residential or commercial environment and achieving this is fairly simple - large windows, large entrances, fewer obstructions and positioning of furniture towards light sources. 

plants, and lots of them

This one isn't new and seems to be one of the trends every year. But, that's not really surprising. However, please make sure that you use real plants as anything fake will look, well, fake.

Plants will ensure that your space looks natural and full of life as well as providing good air to the environment and looking as beautiful as any piece of furniture or wallpaper can look. furthermore, plants are also able to improve moods and reduce stress as well as reducing noise and adding diverse colors to your residential or commercial environment.

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