2020 Design Trends

Ready for pink and more indoor garden features?

Despite all that people have gone through thus far, 2020 isn't even halfway over yet. Interior design and architecture is a continually evolving field and it is incredibly hard to foresee what the future will bring but here are some forecasts for what remains of this never-boring year.

2020 Design Trends - door and window arches


Did people ever really stop loving arches? Doors and windows in particular can look startlingly different when part of an arch.

Adding arches may well add to the budget but the effects on the overall project can be startling.

two-tone rooms

Forget all white kitchens and light colored bedrooms. The future seems to be about two-toned designs. Kitchens with white walls and black units are increasingly common while three-tone interiors with a third tone for the flooring aren't unheard of either.

2020 Design Trends - two tone rooms

Indoor Garden Features

Found a bit of space and not sure what to do with it? Try filling it with greenery. It's a great way to add a touch of the outdoors into your interior and is certainly easier to manage than a full whack garden.

maximum everything

This look certainly isn't for everyone and is daring to say the least. There definitely seems to be a constant move away from Scandinavian blandness. They key to the 'maximum' design is being daring while respecting color combinations and ensuring that 'maximum' doesn't mean 'cluttered'.

2020 Design Trends - pink
2020 Design Trends - 1970s styles and colors

back to the 70s

Dark colors like red, blues, greys, and darker tones of oranges have returned along with house plants and animal textures like leopard prints. Fortunately carpeted bathrooms and bright bathroom wallpapers aren't welcome back.


Yes, pink. Just don't make it remind you of your childhood and you'll be alright. Pale pinks are all the rage. Muted pinks and matt finishes will make pink rooms seem mature.