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Reusing  Industrial Buildings

27/02/2023 03:43:17 In Projects
London's Tate Modern, Tallinn's Rotermann Quarter, Seattle's Gas Works Park and Shanghai's 1933 Slaughterhouse are just a few examples of industrial buildings which have been brought back to life.

Maximizing Small Spaces

29/11/2022 02:05:35 In Magazine
Through the clever use of mirrors, lighter tones, smaller furniture and recessed or wall lighting it is possible to make a small room seem much bigger than it really is.

Sustainable Design

04/09/2022 10:20:30 In Magazine
Eco-friendly interior design is achievable when using materials like brick, bamboo and reliably-sourced wood. Efficient window shades and smart lighting can reduce energy consumption and make a design environmentally-friendly.

Wall Lights

08/07/2022 02:34:21 In Magazine
Why is wall lighting necessary? Is it better to choose uplights, task lighting or flush lights for your walls? Is a bronze finish better than a chrome finish for wall lights? How high should wall lights be?

Highest Hotel in the World

17/05/2022 06:24:24 In Projects
J Hotel, Shanghai Tower is easily the highest hotel in the world in the world’s second highest tower which reaches 632 metres. Luxury is extra special at J Hotel with 24 hour butler service, Italian crystal taps, calfskin wall panels and views over the whole city.

Damp Control

04/04/2022 11:47:14 In Magazine
Damp is damaging to individuals and buildings alike but by improving ventilation systems, removing condensation buildup, opening windows more often and cleaning extractor fans it is possible to reduce the buildup of damp in residential and commercial buildings.

Ceiling Lights

27/02/2022 07:19:29 In Magazine
Choosing the correct ceiling light is important as these lights make the strongest impact in a room. The dimensions of the light, its location in the room and the brightness of the illumination are all important considerations.

Small Bathrooms

05/02/2022 11:22:39 In Magazine
It is possible to create a great bathroom from a small space. By using recessed lighting, smaller basins, sliding shower doors and vertical towel racks you can make the most of a small bathroom. Choosing the right bathroom floor tiles will also make the small space seem bigger.

Home Working

13/01/2022 08:14:50 In Magazine
Working from home during Covid-19 and afterwards requires adequate lighting, comfortable chairs, good ventilation and also a commitment to a work schedule with few distractions.

Table Lamp Guide

10/01/2022 07:49:06 In Magazine
Tiffany table lamps and console lamps are just a few types of table lamps. How to choose a table lamp and which bulbs to use for your table lamp depends on several factors.

Shanghai Shikumen

17/12/2021 06:31:30 In Magazine
Shanghai Shikumen are lane houses found throughout Shanghai in old stone buildings with stone archways, high ceilings and wooden doors. Many, including those in Qiaojia Road Community near Xianonanmen are being demolished soon. What exactly is a Shikumen building?

Porcelain Bowl Football Stadium

01/12/2021 10:20:22 In Projects
SAIC Motor Pudong Arena, home to Shanghai Port football club with architecture by Rossetti and HPP and landscaping architecture by Schmidt Hammer Lassen. Pudong Football Stadium is a new 37,000 seater stadium in Shanghai, China.

Heriz Rugs

12/11/2021 08:48:10 In Magazine
Heriz carpets are a type of Persian rug from Heris, Iran. They are known for their coarse construction, vivid colors and elegance. Read more and view our range.

Comfortable Chairs

19/10/2021 09:27:10 In Magazine
A relaxing chair is important to any project but how do we determine what is comfortable? The chair material, its ability to recline and lumbar support are key factors to look for.

Dealing with Allergens

27/08/2021 06:04:26 In Magazine
Cleaning exhaust fans, using plants like philodendron, opting for tiles in bathrooms and buying HEPA filters are some of the easy ways to reduce allergens in homes and commercial environments

Garden Improvements

14/08/2021 07:53:05 In Magazine
Improving gardens and outdoor spaces can consist of cheap solutions like regular cleaning, better plant management and improved seating. More expensive methods like spotlights and fountains can also significantly improve a garden.

SOHO, Fuxing Plaza

02/08/2021 11:23:12 In Projects
Designed by gmp Architects and located in Xintiandi, this project combines traditional Li Long styles of old Shanghai with modern concepts and expectations.

Smart, secure and simple lighting

03/07/2021 09:25:13 In Magazine
Why should you use Smart Lighting? SHUSHU provides a secure, BLE Smart Lighting platform for easy control of scenes, animation and sensors.

1933 Slaughterhouse

18/01/2022 08:35:51 In Projects
Combining Art Deco and Modernism, Old Millfun in Shanghai is truly unique. Originally a slaughterhouse and now host to restaurants, shops and photographers this is another architectural gem in China.

Choosing Chairs

20/06/2021 11:27:34 In Magazine
A chair is more than just a piece of furniture with 4 legs. Whether you are searching for restaurant chairs or office chairs, there are many factors to consider from materials to color to ergonomics and strength.