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The Roof, Shanghai

14/06/2021 07:00:01 In Projects
Shanghai's newest and reddest retail project was designed by Jean Nouvel with landscape architecture completed by ASPECT Studios. 2000 flowers cover the facade and traditional Chinese features make this a unique project.

László Hudec's Shanghai

27/05/2021 10:38:09 In Magazine
László Hudec left a lasting impression on the architecture of Shanghai, China. East Asia's tallest skyscraper of the time, Park Hotel; Flat Iron building copycat, Wukang Mansion; and the Art Deco showpiece, Grand Cinema are just some of Hudec's works.

Smart Living

24/03/2021 15:33:54 In Magazine
This is not sci-fic, this is now. Voice assistants accompany a variety of other smart home features from indoor drones and smart green walls to smart kitchen surfaces which measure your ingredients in an instant.

Beijing Daxing Airport

09/03/2021 10:04:05 In Projects
The world's newest and most expensive airport where no boarding gate is more than 8 minutes walk and smart robots patrol throughout, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects

Parquet Waterjet

12/02/2021 13:00:59 In Magazine
Parquet can come in a range of patterns from simple formulaic designs of squares and circles to more free patterns using multiple curves and spirals to the more intense designs which may resemble people and objects.

Modern Shanghai

10/02/2021 10:42:24 In Magazine
Modern Shanghai architecture including Shanghai Tower, Oriental Pearl Tower, Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center, Grand Theatre and China Art Museum.

Corporate Headquarters (Updated)

22/12/2020 12:36:45 In Magazine
Some of the most interesting and unusual company headquarters - Microsoft, Apple, Fuji, BMW, Bahnhof, Lloyds of London and the United Nations

Top Architects & Their Designs

17/12/2020 09:31:25 In Magazine
Selection of the world's top designs from today and recent years and some examples of their finest works. From Zaha Hadid to Kengo Kuma and with examples of small to enormous works.

Preparing for Winter

14/11/2020 11:05:58 In Magazine
How to keep an office or home warm in winter by adding extra insulation, sealing cracks, cleaning drains, adding double glazed windows and using carpets and rugs.

Design Mistakes to Avoid

16/10/2020 06:29:32 In Magazine
Common mistakes designers make in interior design and how to avoid them. Mistakes from rugs being too small, lighting being insufficient, a lack of greenery and everything white.

Floor Lamps Guide

21/09/2020 12:41:59 In Magazine
How to choose a floor lamp. Lamps which stand out or blend in? Task or ambient lighting? Large or Small? Find out and see examples from By Rydens' range of floor lamps

Recessed Lighting

22/08/2020 10:16:42 In Magazine
What is recessed lighting and what should you consider when installing it? Downlighting can be used for task, accent or ambient lighting and can project both warm and cool colors.

The Moving Building

20/07/2020 08:35:59 In Projects
Shanghai's Bund Finance Centre, designed by Heatherwick Studio and Foster + Partners is more than a little unconventional. The golden curtains on the facade move throughout the day accompanied by music.

Green Walls

16/07/2020 11:46:32 In Magazine
Would a living green wall benefit your next project? What are the advantages of green walls and how easy are they to install and maintain? What plants can be used in a green wall?

Art Deco in Shanghai (Updated)

02/10/2020 09:24:42 In Magazine
Read about Shanghai's finest Art Deco buildings: Laszlo Hudec's Park Hotel, Grand Theatre and Wukang Mansion, Broadway Mansions, Paramount, Peace Hotel, Changde Apartments, Picardie Hotel and Robert Fan's Majestic Theatre

Office Chair Guide

30/06/2020 07:55:29 In Magazine
What should we consider when selecting an office chair? Appearance, adjustable height and arm rests, good wheels, lumbar support, swivel ability and fabrics are all important.

Introducing Kasor

25/06/2020 09:09:03 In Magazine
Kasor is a tile manufacturer from southern China producing ceramic tiles for floors and walls. They specialise in large tile sizes with pieces suitable for commercial and residential environments

By Rydens Lighting

20/06/2020 06:10:35 In Magazine
Since 1958, By Rydens has had a reputation for fine lamps and lighting products. Quality Swedish lighting products

1000 Trees

30/05/2020 12:56:41 In Projects
Described as the Hanging Gardens of Shanghai, this Heatherwick Studios creation includes 1000+ plants and trees, a shopping complex, galleries, museums and a riverside park

The Quarry Hotel

26/05/2020 14:47:27 In Projects
Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland, a hotel built inside a quarry. Two floors above ground, 16 floors below ground including two underwater. All rooms with a view of the quarry.