Welcome to ArchiXpress

We seek to connect suppliers with customers looking for the best in the design industry, no matter where in the world they might be. We ensure satisfaction for our clients while our international team provides superior service at every step of the way.

ArchiXpress is an online marketplace based in Shanghai, China offering architecture and interior design products, materials, lighting and smart solutions for homes and commercial spaces.


Our innovative website allows you to compare products from a range of designers and visualize how they can be used in your projects. High quality graphics, accurate renderings and informative videos will enable you to make the right choices. Our curated magazine and regular newsletters seek to inspire and showcase what we can offer. We team up with industry professionals to profile their works and highlight inspiring projects from around the world.



Visualise how stylish products can be used in your project with our rendered images, videos and images with hotspots. We show you how products can be used together in sophisticated and efficient ways.


Quality products produced by reputable brands are showcased on our website. Potential clients can view product details, contact sellers and compare products with ease.


Our online magazine is the location to learn more about design trends, product ideas, installation and maintenance techniques, the most inspirational designers and projects which will intrigue you.